Thursday 11.24.11


EXP Skill/Strength:
EXP Workout:
WOD: “The Gobbler”
Complete the following five exercises in order listed. For each exercise you have 3 minutes to complete as many reps as possible. After each 3 min AMRAP you will have 2 minutes to run a 200m before starting the next 3min AMRAP.
Ok, now here’s “the twist”…
Your goal for the workout is to achieve the highest score possible. Your score is determined by the total number of reps completed for all 5 AMRAPs multiplied by the weight YOU CHOOSE for the 3 barbell movements. The weight chosen must remain constant for the entire workout.
Power Clean – 3min AMRAP
200m Run
AbMat Sit-up – 3min AMRAP
200m Run
Shoulder to Overhead – 3min AMRAP
200m Run
Box Jump (24/20”) – 3min AMRAP
200m Run
Overhead Squat – 3min AMRAP
Post scores and time to comments below.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
Thurs: 8am and 9:15am Pre-Turkey WODs
Fri: 8am and 9:15am Post-Turkey WODs
Sat/Sun: Normal 9:15am both days

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