Thursday 5.12.11

Congratulations to our May 2011 Athlete of the Month, Bill Allen! Here he is with fellow FitCampers, and good friends, Peter and Anthony after yesterday's 8am class where we made the official announcement.


Strength: Handstand Push-ups
Pick a challenging variation and complete 3 reps on the minute every minute for 10min.

Power Clean (135/95)
8 min CAP
Partnered Foot-2-Bar or Knees to Elbows
5 sets of 10 strict reps alternating sets with partner (that’s 5 each, not 5 total)
Goal: This is our second high intensity, short duration workout this week.  These shorter workouts should feel like some of the hardest challenges you do in class. Just because they are short does not mean they should be easy. From 3…2…1…GO! I want you to go hard and fast ripping through “touch and go” cleans and lightning-quick burpees like nobody’s business. No time for breaks, water or tissues, just you against the clock.  Push through those sticking points where you start to questions whether or not you can take any more or go any faster and get it done!


MAY 2011 Athlete of the Month! – A huge congratulations to Bill Allen! Bill shows up to every class with nothing but a positive attitude, an amazing work ethic and a continuous thirst for improvement and knowledge.  That is what is takes to be as fit as ever… at age 73!  Thanks to Bill’s amazing example of what is possible there will now be NO excuses allowed in class EVER again…Thanks Bill, for giving us all such an amazing example to strive for.

2011 CrossFit Games North East RegionalsJune 17th, 18th and 19th in Canton, MA at the Reebok Headquarters. This event is going to be INCREDIBLE so block off one or all of those dates to head on down and check it out with a few FitCamp/ CrossFit friends.

FREE Intro Classes: There’s no question that since becoming a CrossFit affiliate a few months back that the word is spreading. Spring time is always a busy time for us and now that we are the fastest growing CrossFit studio in the greater Leominster area we have a favor to ask all members.

With growing class sizes we are asking all members to make sure to let us know in advance (e-mail Dawn to schedule) if you would like to bring in a family member of friend for a free intro class. This advanced notice really helps us out tremendously with keeping up the high level of coaching that each member deserves during every class. At the same time we can provide the best possible experience for interested new members. Thanks a bunch!