Thursday 5.8.14

Looking for a way to fast track your recovery? Take advantage of EXP's awesome massage therapy offered right upstairs!  

Meg Onega- Massage Therapsit


$40/30 minutes

$65/60 minutes

$90/90 minutes


Cell: 774.563.0353 (call or text)

Email: [email protected]

By appointment only.

Here's what Meg's clients have to say:

"When I first went to Meg for a massage I considered it a Luxury. What I have discovered is Massage is not a luxury but most certainly preventative and helps with recovery from workouts.  

Meg always starts the session with what is going on with my body. She is very much attuned to me as an individual and what will best work for my needs.  A genuinely sweet, caring individual with the knowledge and experience that is needed to work on all the different areas that give us issues. 

Love my massage sessions with Meg and know that they are keeping my body safe and prepared for my next adventure." – Kathy H


STRENGTH: Strict Pull Up (3-5 reps) OTM x10

WOD: [ Ruby Red ]

10 Stone to Shoulders
20 Pull Ups
30 Hollow Rocks
40 KB Upright Rows
50 Double Unders (100 singles)

x 2 Rds (15 min cap)

L1: 115/65, 53/35
L2: 65/Sandbag, 44/26
L3: Sandbag/ 30# MB, 35/18

Team Training: Work on 5×1 snatch balance singles pre or post WOD

Mobility May Squat Challenge: 8 minutes

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