Thursday 7.18.13

A great visual on how recovery works from Strong Faster Healthier (SFH).

How Recovery Works SFH


  • Olivia’s Couch 2 5K Program meets on M/W/F mornings 6:30am @Doyle Field.  Sign up for the 8 week session HERE
  • Ryan’s 7 Week Muscle-Up Clinic starting this Sunday 7/21 9:00-10:00am and is FREE!  Check out the details & Sign up HERE
  • Lauren (L1) will we walking 60 miles next weekend in the Susan G Komen 3-Day.  Support Lauren on her PAGE

Strength: Deadlift
Gymnastics/Olympic Lift: Dip 4 x @ 80% of max
WOD: [ Capstone ]
5 Rds:
15 DL (185/135)
15 TTB
15 min cap
Choose: A, B OR C
A) accumulate 10 (as few sets as possible) Skin the Cats
B) accumulate 10 (as few sets as possible) Hanging ball ups
C) 3×10 Band Lat pull downs
SS w/ 3×20 GHD Back extension
Competitor’s Notes:
Start training session w/ 3-4 Max sets of Bar Muscle-Ups (accumulate 10-20 reps)
Post scores to comment box below.


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