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Today’s Workout….”FRAN”


Today’s Workout….”FRAN”

This morning’s FitCamp workout was new to many but the name is one you will certainly not forget anytime soon if you were in class today…. “FRAN”. 

A few months back Nick and I had the pleasure of visiting CrossFit New England for a 2 day CrossFit certification program.  At the end of our first day the instructors told us we would be going head-to-head doing the one workout (“FRAN”) that had me laid out like a sweat drenched pancake a few weeks earlier. 

Fran is a deadly combination of Thrusters and Pull-ups completed in superset format for 21, 15 and 9 reps completed for fastest time.  Perscribed weight for guys is 95#, girls 65#.

There is only one thing I love about doing this workout… finishing.  That and the fact that it is one of the most incredible full-body workouts you will ever do. 

The following clip is of the co-owner of CrossFit New England, Heather Keenan doing the workout we did today in FitCamp.  I am sure you will have the same appreciation of this amazing pace that I do and know that although she makes this look easy we all now know that “FRAN is a bitc*”!

P.S.  If you were in class today then let’s hear your comments on your first FRAN workout??