Tuesday 10.1.13

From the Members:
“I have been looking to begin a long overdue journey of finding fitness after many years of putting off facing the facts and the mirror. Frustrated by my lack of progress attending a more traditional gym, I joined CrossFit EXP unsure of how I would fit in and if I could handle such a challenge considering how out of shape and over weight I am. I found a truly excellent community of people who encourage, support, and push me to do the absolute best I can at every challenge. I also found trainers who are patient, kind, and understanding yet challenging. They do not let me surrender to my limitations instead encourage me to push through them to meet and often exceed my goals. I have watched my body change quickly in the 5 weeks I have been attending 4-5 days a week. I have accomplished physical challenges that I never thought I would be able to. I have learned many things that have  improved my daily life and I feel stronger than ever. I have lost about 15 pounds and have seen my body trim down and see muscle developing. I can now see my goals as attainable thanks to CrossFit EXP and its trainers and members.”
-Amanda C

Truss, 30# Clean & Jerk PR!


Strength: None.
2 min Max Pull Ups
L1= Max Beat Kicks
L2=Max Pull ups with 1 Band
L3= Max BW Pull Ups
Rest 2 min
2 min Max Pistols (Alternating Legs)
L1= to 20″ box
L2=to irrigation box
L3= BW
Rest 2 min
2 min Max HSPUs (2×3′ box)
L1= Knees/Toes on Box
L2= 1 Ab Mat
L3= BW
Rest 2 min
2 min Max DUs
L2= DUs
Buy-Out: 75 Push Ups Not for time, for quality. Each time you break, 5 TTB.
Team Training: Testing Notes= During 2 min Pull Up Test go for MAX Pull Up test, meaning your first set should me your max. If you have additional time before 2 min is up, continue to accumulate 2 min total. Buy Out= Girls 30 Dips, Guys 50 Dips NFT, for quality. Muscle-Up into Dips. If no muscle-up, do jumping transition into dips.
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