TUESDAY 10.19.10 – The Big Picture

What a Throwdown! Congratulations to all the participants in this weekend’s Team Throwdown, it was an amazing event. The atmosphere was high energy, positive, and motivating, with everyone in their team colors ready for battle. It was a “let down your guard??? kind of day, where people worked together, bonded together, and really showed great community and comaraderie.
To fill you in on this fun filled weekend, we had 8 teams, consisting of 3 people per team. Each team had three workouts to complete, using team strategy and fitness to do these workouts as fast as possible. The team dynamics were awesome, everyone took different strategies for each event, and each team had amazing successes along the way. The events (you will hear war stories all week, and see bruises and rope burn!) were a huge success, every team completed each event in amazing time, and really pushed and helped each other along the way. When the dust settled, the orange team, composed of Lisa L., Dave A., and Peter D. won overall, showing dominant performances and strategy in the first two events.
This weekend was bigger than just a few workouts. Seeing everyone participate and interact, it was about us as a community and how we keep motivating each other on a daily basis towards achieving our goals. Every member here at Ultimate FitCamp is more responsible for each other’s success than the trainers here at the studio are. The dynamics of each class, the way people help teach each other good form, the tips of encouragement, the “new cooking recipe??? they read about and want to share with others in class; all of this is why the studio is the positive place it is today. So give yourself a pat on the back when you read this, YOU are not only helping yourself on a daily basis when working out here, YOU are helping others lead more fulfilling lives along the way, and be proud of that.
Great job again by all this weekend, what a huge success!

Lemon & Lime with a twist of Lisa

TUESDAY – 10.19.10
Back Squat
Tabata This” – Perform 8 tabata sets of 20:10 for each exercsie then take 1 minute rest before going on to next exercise.  Score equals total of lowest reps for all 5 exercises.
Rest 1 Min
Air Squat
Rest 1 Min
Rest 1 Min
Rest 1 Min
Rest 1 Min
Post times and scores to comments.