Tuesday 10.29.13

From the members:

"I recently joined Crossfit EXP after looking into a number of Crossfit gyms in my area.  I have always been athletic and enjoyed group sports. I started looking into Crossfit about a year ago and was doing the WOD's I found online on my own along with my endurance workouts.  I finally decided to join a box because I felt I needed someone to help push me beyond my current limits.  At first I picked Crossfit EXP for the location and convenience.  I am so happy I did!  Everyone I have met in the month since joining has been wonderful.  Not only are all of the coaches enthusiastic and willing to help but so are all the members.  The various back rounds in fitness and personal training of the instructors provide a knowledgeable platform to answer any questions I have.  Crossfit EXP is a great environment where I feel completely comfortable and encouraged to do better and be stronger.  I couldn't be happier!"

-Alexiss W.

Photo courtesy of 4 Star Productions



Strength: Shoulder Press Push Press Push Jerk

Increase weight each set (20 min)

WOD: [ Sugar Daddy ]

DL (225/155)
400m Run

Compare to 3.8.12

Buy-Out:  3×10 Hip Bridges

Team Training Notes: Follow Class

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