Tuesday 3.26.13

EXP Member Testimonial:
“I recently reenlisted into the military after 12yrs. Not only did I reenlist, but I went back to the military to become a Commissioned Officer. Most of the candidates attending OCS are in their 20’s and I am 39!! I managed to maintain a level of fitness during my time away from the military but not nearly as structured as if I stayed in. That is why I need to do something to give me that edge.
I heard of CrossFit EXP through a colleague and decided to take advantage of their 6 week Starter Program to “shock??? my body into shape. I just ended my program this week and I can tell you that I have had phenomenal results. I lost over 8lbs and with every work out, I could feel my endurance increasing. To be honest, it is the best addiction I think anyone could have. I recently had my first military training evolution for OCS and felt the effects of CrossFit EXP working to my advantage!
You find yourself setting small mental goals at first and then you want to venture out as you gain more and more confidence and strength. The members here make you feel like you are part of a team. Coming from a military perspective this is the best environment to be around….COHESION! This could not be possible however without the excellent staff that work here. Nick is by far the biggest motivator I had and was always there when I felt I could not do another pull-up, burpee, HSPU or Hollow Rock (don’t worry you will soon pick up their language too!)
It saddens me that I have to leave this community but duty calls. I will be able to take what they taught me in just 6 weeks and use it to better my body and soul. After OCS will come a Spartan race or Tough Mudder… wish me luck! THANK YOU CROSSFIT EXP YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!???
– Brent


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Skill/Strength: Clean & Jerk (Moderate 5 x 2 TNG)
WOD: [Crab Cake]
5 Clean & Jerks (135/95lbs)
10 Burpees
15 Pull-ups
12 min CAP
Buy-out: None
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