Tuesday 9.16.14

Who's excited for CrossFit EXP's 2014 "Barbells for Boobs" event?! 

This year, we will host the workout "Grace" on Saturday 10.25.14 to raise money for breast cancer research.  Last year, CrossFit EXP was able to raise over $3,000!  This year, our goal is to match that!  You can help out by heading over to our fundraising page and joining our team.  This will allow you to create a fundraising page of your own that you can share with friends and family members to promote the cause. 



B rack Lunge 5x6rm (3/ side alternating)
SS with Dips 5 x max attempt goal of 8-12rm (use rings, matador, parallets)

WOD: [ Lewis ]

10 Pull-ups
12 Alternating Pistols
14 Push-ups
28 D Unders

16min AMRAP

Team Training: Practice Muscle Ups between lunge sets.

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