Wednesday 12.3.14

From the members:
“I am an endurance athlete, the longer the workouts the better I felt.  I didn’t know in 7 years my life was going to change for the better.
Before I did CrossFit, I had worked out with Patrick in another gym.   I am an original boot camper who started with him about 11 years ago.  We were in an enclosed area with caution tape around a 12’ by 12’ area. There were six of us, all women.  We mainly worked out with barbells and some ancient machines.  Pat introduced intervals workouts.  I instantly became addicted to them and I still do the interval workouts be had given us.  The class steadily grew and we moved to Doyle Field.  When we moved to Doyle Field are workouts now became longer.  I was thrilled.  As a person who likes long work outs, this was up my alley.  The classes were again bigger.  Patrick needed another trainer.  In comes Nick, this 19 year old shy kid doing an internship.  Who knew what was about to come.
Now we move to Ultimate Fit Camp.  The workouts remained the same, all was well. I am not quite sure how Nick started to sneak CF into the mix but I slowly realized this was not what I had signed up for.  These 10 minute WODs (what the heck did that even mean), 20 minutes of strength, I was bored to tears.  I went to Pat and sat in his office for two hours and vented.  Funny thing about Pat is he just sits there, listens and nods.  He tried to explain to me the meaning of CF, I told him there wasn’t a chance I was going to push 65lbs over my head.   The long workouts were going away.  The name changed to CrossFit EXP.  Doomed!
I slowly came around.  I was the last person from the original BC world to accept we were now officially CF. My husband had joined BC after me and we had many discussions on what we were going to do.  Should we leave, should stay.  We decided to give it a go.  Okay I will try this CrossFitF thing and where it will take me.  CrossFit began to grow on me.  Yes Pat I can push 65lbs over my head and those pesky 10 ten minute workouts became a new way interval training for me.  I am typically a Rooster so Nick and Tiff were there to push me, and then push me more.   I tried a few competitions and decided it wasn’t for me.  I was frustrated, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do CrossFit anymore.
At that time Nick told me I should sign up for a 50k trail race.  I said you are nuts.  He told me you will finish with the CF WODs you are doing.   I had cut back on running to work on strength.  I finished the 50k in about 6 hours.  I was completely shocked.  It was then it all clicked for me. I made a decision to use CF towards running, my life and adventure racing.  I went to Nick,  told him I think maybe I have found something new and I wanted to go forward with the longer races and start to really improve in adventure racing. He changed up my workouts which are now geared more towards my running and adventure racing. At 50 years old I was PR’ing my race times, my mile repeats this year were faster than last year.  In this past year I have become stronger and my BF is the lowest it has been.
I recently just did a 50 mile trail race.  Yes I put in the training in both running and using my CF workouts to get ready.  I had my goal as to what I thought was doable for me.  I finished an hour before my projected time.  I am convinced CrossFit helped me to get through this race, especially the last 5 miles of this race, it was though 10 minute pesky WODs that I kept thinking about it how painful, mentally and physical they are. And one more aspect I have found is that my recovery time after these races is cut in half of what it was before CrossFit.  I don’t’ know if this is the reason, but I am going with it.
Don’t get me wrong when I see 30 minute WODs, they are still my favorites.  I will always be an endurance athlete, but I use CrossFit to better myself in running and adventure racing.
Once in a while I am asked what is  “CrossFit???.  My definition of CrossFit is one day I saw someone PR a back squat.  He started jumping up down,  whooping and hollering,  running up and down the stairs, we all were clapping and hi-fiving him.  He made it seem as though he had just won mega bucks. That is my definition, because this is a family and you won’t find this anywhere else.
Yes Patrick there is something to be said about this CrossFit thing.”
-Kris G
kris g collage

1) 5X3@80% Paused Back Squats (3 count pause at absolute rock-bottom depth) – rest 90 sec.

WOD: [ Gathering ]

WOD 1:
30sec. max L-sit hold
30sec. max D-unders
5 min AMRAP (score is total D-unders+ seconds held in L-sit)
L1- L-sit, D-unders
L2- Chair sit, D-unders
L3- Hang, Singles
Rest 3 mins
WOD 2:
4 rounds for total time of:
10 DB Step-ups, alternating
15 Hollow Bodies
20 DB P-Press
(28 min cap on 1+2 wods)
L1-35/25, 24/20
L2-30/20, 20/14
L3-20/12, 14/ plates
Team Training:
1) 5:00 AMRAP of:
1 Legless Rope Climb 15′
25 Double-Unders
*Rest as needed before beginning #2.
2) 4 rounds for total working time of:
10 BB Step-Ups (front rack – alternate legs – 10 total steps) 115/75#
15 TTB
20 Push Press 115/75#
Rest 1:1
Post scores in comments below.

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