Wednesday 6.11.14

From the members:

"I just want to start by saying I feel so blessed to have started cross fit and to be part of such a motivating atmosphere. My daughter Kayla was doing her internship at EXP and kept telling me to try a class but I was so nervous as I had never been athletic or in sports. When I finally tried a class I was so excited to be able to get through the first Workout. I new immediately I wanted to join the 6 week program, with the help and advice of Nick’s awesome orientation class and alot of muscle aches I am now addicted, 2 sizes smaller, stronger and so much more confident about things I thought I could of never done prior to Cross fit (Like pushups) .This is  my way of life now, I look forward to my WOD meeting new goals and feel guilty when I miss a class.  I am so grateful for all the coaches for being so patient as I am not very coordinated with alot of the moves especially the snatches and thrusters. This is such an uplifting experience both physically and mentally. I am also learning that small changes in my diet can make a huge difference thanks to my private nutrition class with Tiffany.  This will be my way of life forever. I wish I only started when I was younger. Thank You to everyone that works out at EXP and the coaches the nicest group of people with so much positive energy that keeps me coming back for more. LOVE EXP!" -Naomi

Save the Date: This Saturday, June 14th is the Bemis 5K!  The race will start at Bemis and wind through the residential roads of Shirley, MA.  Race day registration available.  Walkers go off at 8:30am, runners at 9:00am.  Get those EXP T-shirt ready, see you at the starting line!

Happy 3 year Anniversary to Nick and Tiff



WOD: [ Partner Intervals ]

Partner Intervals
Run 800m x 4
Row 1k x 4

20 Sit-ups (Strict)
20 Leg Tosses
x 8 sets

Team Training: Active Recovery Day


1 Burpee
2 Alt Lunge
3 KB Swing
4 Shoulder Press
5 Bicycle Crunch
6 Rest
X 4 rds
Rest 5 min
4 x 200m run w/ partner

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