Wednesday 7.23.14


We love being able to run during our workouts at CrossFit EXP.  When sending members out for running workouts, safety is our number 1 priority.  Effective immediately, please follow these guidelines when heading out for your run:

  • Always run counter clockwise
  • If there is a delivery truck in motion around you, move to the OUTSIDE perimeter of the parking lot and let them pass
  • NEVER pass between the building and a truck (especially one backing up)
  • Use caution when taking corners and watch for incoming traffic
  • Be aware of vehicles backing out of parking spots, you may be running in their blind spot

PARKING NOTICE: Please be courteous to our neighbor's labeled parking spots in front of their doors.  DO NOT park in these.  You may park in any of the spaces in front of the road along with the overflow parking out back.  If you do park in our neighbors spots, they will start towing cars.  Thank you for your continued awareness! 




WOD: [ Partnered Games workout ]
With a partner, complete the following, 1 person working at a time-

3000m row
300 double unders
3 mile run 

Team Training: Active recovery day

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