Wednesday 8.27.14


CrossFit EXP's 2K For Kare Kits

WHEN:  Saturday Sep 6t 8:00am-10:00am


WHO can participate: All members, friends & family of CrossFit EXP and the Kylee’s Kare Kits Foundation

HOW to Participate: Monetary or Food Donation ($20 Value minimum)

  • Make a monetary donation online @
  • Make a monetary donation by cash or check@ CrossFit EXP.  Checks payable to “Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz”
  • Purchase food donation from list and bring to CrossFit EXP

‚ÄčThe WOD:

Co-Ed Teams of 5 complete the following in chipper format.  Each team has 1 rower and each athlete much complete a 2,000m row before the completion of the WOD.

Two athletes working at a time with one athlete on the rower.

200 Pull Ups

300 Kettle bell Swings

400 Wall Balls

500 Burpees



WOD: [ Carry ]

Team wod
6min-F Carry 300ft- Max Sh Press
1min rest
6min-OH Plate Carry 300ft- Max Power Clean
1min rest
6min-F Carry 300ft- Max Push Press
1min rest
6min- OH Plate Carry 300ft- Max DL
1min rest
6min-F Carry 300ft- Max Push Jerk


Team Training: Active recovery day

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