WEDNESDAY 9.15.10 – Ally

Ally started FitCamp back in May and was immediately hooked.  She signed up for the summer looking to gain some strength and fitness for her upcoming Senior year playing college soccer for Laselle University.  Here’s what she had to say in a recent e-mail… 

“Hi! I wanted to email you guys earlier but I’ve been super busy with preseason, and we went up to NY for a tournament and this week school started, so kinda hectic! I need to thank you for kicking my ass all summer, I loved every second of it though! fitcamp is amazing and really took my fitness to the next level, I learned so much from you both! Preseason was a piece of cake…I NEVER felt like “i was gunna die” ONCE!  We did alot of sprinting and agility work the first couple two-a-days that we had, I was always first :0) Now that we have been playing games and I’m an outside mid (which does a horrible amount of running) I’ve been playing a full 90 mins without feeling exhausted, fitcamp really helped my endurance! Also I wanted to tell you I ran a 56min 59sec 7 miles in the falmouth road race, which was quite a accomplishment too because I thought it was gunna take me a little over an hour! Anyways I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me reach my fitness goals! I miss all of you and tell everyone I say hi! I can’t wait to come back! I’m definitely gunna come to the beast of the east to cheer you guys on! Hope all is well.”   -Ally 
From all of us at FitCamp Ally…. YOU ROCK!  Keep crushing it and we’ll see you back here at the studio soon. 

Ally - 100% Determination

WEDNESDAY: 9/15/10 
2 Minute Max Push-up Test 
“2 Min Sweatfest”
2 Min Row
2 Min Run
2 Min KB Swing
2 Min Double Unders
2 Min Rest
3 Rounds 
*Post thoughts and results to comments 

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