Which one’s your bad habit?

According to Anthony Robbins (Awaken the Giant Within) what determines your success in any area of life is not due to the major things you do once in a while.  Your success, whether it be financial, career, weight loss or in fitness will come from the small disciplines and habits you practice on a daily basis. 
With health, fitness and weight loss it’s always good to remember the small things you do each day will add up to huge results over time.  Take a moment to reflect on the good habits you practice each day?  Are you someone who exercises every day?   Do you eat healthy foods to fuel your body?  What types of books or magazines do you read to learn more about living a fit and healthy lifestyle? 
Now the bad news,  just as a good habit can bring success a poor habit can lead to disaster.  Be honest with yourself and take a moment to think about any poor health habits you may be struggling with.  Are you a chronic late night snacker?  Do you smoke?  Go up for 2nds one too many times?  Stay up too late watching Letterman?  Hit snooze and miss your workouts?  Do you eat out more than you eat in?  Are you overweight? 
Here’s the challenge (and the key to your success in whatever health, weight or fitness goal you are thinking of) take just one of your bad habits and replace it with a good one and promise yourself to stick with it day in and day out for 21 days.  It could be to exercise everyday, to not eat sugar, to make dinner every night, whatever bad habit you just can’t live with anymore. 
Final step, click on the comments box above and post your bad habit and good habit you will replace it with to add just one more layer of accountability!  Good luck!

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