12 WEEK PALEO CHALLENGE: Learn, Transform, Lose!


This is a personal challenge that will consist of 12 weeks of support from our FitCamp staff.  You will be guided through the common obstacles that have broke your nutrition goals in the past to help you take control of your results and your life.  The challenge will be not be against others, but rather against yourself. 

What is the prize… your own results and success! 

STEP 1: Are you in or are you out?  If you are ready to make a change it starts right here right now!
STEP 2: Decide NOW if your family is “on board” for the paleo challenge.  You need to approach this knowing either way how to plan family meals.
STEP 3: Understand what “paleo” is.  Download the following attachments, read them, and stick them on your fridge as a resource.

What is the PALEO diet      Encouraged Foods     Foods you Should Avoid   

STEP 4:  Clean out your cupboards.  Having foods to “use up” in the house will only be a distraction and excuse.  Get rid of it all!  I know it is hard to justify throwing away food, so we have a better idea.  Bring in your canned and dry goods to donate to Ginny’s Food Bank.  There will be a drop box at the studio from 1/15/11 to 1/21/11.
STEP 5:  Plan your meals for the week.  Take a look back at some of the great recipes that have been posted on our site in the past, the cookbook at the studio, or do some research on the endless websites online to get some good ideas.  Below is a sample meal plan for 1 week.  It will give you some ideas for meals and snacks. 


STEP 6:  Plan your grocery shopping!  Take a look at the meals that you have decided on and figure out what you need.  Remember, it is OK to go the grocery store more than once a week!  You will be purchasing much more produce so this may be necessary.  Print out the shopping list and template.  It will give you good guidance and focus for when you are at the store.

Shopping List and Template

STEP 7: Prep your kitchen for prepping your food.

 Some things that you will find very helpful to have when preparing your meals are:

– Multiple cutting boards.  The dollar store makes plastic cutting boards that are sold in a 2 pack.   They run through the dishwasher well and take up minimal room.  These are great and we have quite a few of them!

-Good cutting knives and kitchen scissors.

-A large mixing bowl- great for tossing salads, marinating meats and seasoning vegetables.

-Food processor- My FAVORITE tool in the kitchen!  These are great for pretty much anything: chopping- veggies, fruits, nuts, grinding meat to make burgers or meatballs, making omelets (I crack a dozen eggs right into mine!)  as well as a vast variety of other great things.

-Tuperware- and LOTS of it!  Another great dollar store find if you need to stock up!

-Zip lock bags- both sandwich and gallon sized.

-Olive oil & a variety of seasonings.  I find Trader Joes to be best for variety, price and quality.

STEP 8: Weigh in!

SATURDAY 1/15/11 stop by the studio between 9-11am.

(Remember to bring in those dry goods you collected from cleaning out your cupboards.)
STEP 9: Go grocery shopping. Don’t forget your list!
STEP 10: Prep as much as you can for the week.  Get your family involved- have children count out nuts and put them in zip lock bags, have your spouse chop your fruits and veggies (Nick is great at this :))  The more the family can do the bettter.  It will be less pressure on one person, great family time and nutrition education for everyone!

Now you are ready for your first week.  It might not be easy right away…Stick to your guns!   Just remember, you are in this for the long run. 

Anything that is worth having takes effort. 

Good luck everyone!  I look forward to seeing the “new you” on April 9th!


P.S. Are you someone who is motivated by finishing workouts “as RX’d” and hitting new “PR’s” at the studio? Have you pondered the idea of competing in events such as “The Beast of the East,” this past fall?  If so, join us this Saturday 1/15/11 at 8:15 to discuss THE FITCAMP COMPETITION TEAM.  Q&A with Nick, Tiff & Pat.

Today’s WOD:

Box Jumps (20″/24″)
Wall Ball (10/14/20lb)
10, 20, 30 reps

Immediately after your last set of 30 reps go to rack and make 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Overhead press.

Immediately after your 1RM go to pull-up bars and make one attempt to establish your max pull-ups.

Three scores: 
Total Finishing Time/Max Weight Overhead/Max Pull-ups