Monday – 1.17.11

I found a good video to show you the proper form and technique of one of today’s exercises, the Power Clean.  This clip has no sound but it does a great job of showing in slow-mo how to properly execute this movement.  It’s a short clip so watch it now a few times over before you come in to class so you can apply what you see to today’s workout.


Strength: Power Clean
WOD: “Ladder One”
Ladder workouts are when you do 1 rep of each exercise then 2 reps, then 3 and so on until time runs out.  Your goal is to climb the rep ladder and complete AMRAP in the given time, in this case 15 min. 
Today’s ladder workout: 
Power Clean (95/135lb)
15 min AMRAP
Competition Team:  Many thanks to everyone who came to Saturday’s meeting.  We had an awesome turnout and we really believe everyone who came has the potential to achieve some pretty amazing results over the coming weeks and months with a little commitment and some focused goals.  Nick, Tiff and I will be sending out some more info mid-week along with your training goals checklist so stay tuned.
Paleo Challenge:  Day 1!