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3.16.11 Wednesday


3.16.11 Wednesday

Dedication at it's best, while on Spring Break in Panama City L1 & L2 visited a local CrossFit to take care of their FitCamp withdrawals


Today’s Workout:

Strength:  (Building strength: week 4 of 6)
Push Jerk
5x5Rm (

Workout: (Choose one)

“G.I. Jane”
100 Burpee Pull-ups for time
“G.I. Joe”
100 Burpee Box Jumps for time

Pull-up Clinic Update
If you were in attendance for Saturday’s pull-up clinic there is no doubt you learned some great info from Nick and Tiffany to help you refine your pull-up and double under skills.  Just to be sure everyone had a chance to truly learn the techniques covered Nick and Tiffany are going to run a FREE follow-up session for all those who signed up for Saturday’s clinic.  The session wil be held this Saturday, March 19th from Noon-1pm.  Please e-mail Nick if you will be able to attend. 

(A special thank you to everyone in attendance last Saturday. Nick, Tiffany, myself and especially Melissa are all so very grateful for the amazing people who make our studio such an strong community, caring family and an incredible place to be a part of.  Thank you all!)


Paleo Challenge: Day 59

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