WEDNESDAY 9.8.10 – What’s your weakness?

Before every class I see Dave R. practicing his double unders.  For weeks he would show-up about 15 minutes before class and right away he would practice his #1 nemesis, double unders.  Lots of whip marks later he now officially has his first successful DU under his belt and is moving on to setting a new PR for the leaderboard.  Everyone has a weakness, something they struggle with or just haven’t figured out the technique to do it.  (If you did yesterday’s class then maybe Overhead Squats comes to mind).  Most people avoid practicing their weakness like the plague.  Dave’s strategy for success is the perfect example of how you can reach higher levels of fitness and excel in FitCamp.  Pick an excercise you struggle with, practice the skill or movement at least 3 times per week before or after class.  Ask questions and learn from the people around you by asking members who excel at your weakness for a helping hand.  And then…practice, practice, practice.  As your weaknesses become strengths then EVERYTHING else will improve. 


WEDNESDAY:  9/8/10
Deadlift  3RM x 5
The “Chief”:  Complete AMRAP in 3 minutes of the following triplet: 
3 power cleans (135/95),
6 push-ups,
9 air squats
Then rest exactly 1 minute
Repeat for 5 total cycles of 3 Min AMRAP and 1 Min rest.
Score equals total number of completed rounds.
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