TUESDAY 9.7.10 – Back 2 School

School is back in session and I’m sad to say that a good number of our summer FitCamp members are heading back to college or high school.  While some may be staying somewhat local and can continue with their training others we will have to wait to see back at the studio during Christmas break.  From all of us at FitCamp… Study hard, keep up with your training and always remember… “Fran is unforgiving when training is forgotten” 🙂  
We’ll miss you all!
Ally, Emily, Trevor, Mike Duncan, Mike Denault, Sam L., Danny K., Lauren, Lauren2, Jenna, Dan B., Matt & Mike C., Andrew and Steph.


TUESDAY:  9.7.10
1RM Overhead Squat
10 Overhead Squats (115/95/65)
10 Pull-ups (C2B/Scaled)
10 Rounds for time
30 Min CAP
Say farewell to our Students!  Post your well wishes, thoughts, times and suggestions to comments below.
REMINDER:  FitCamp 4 Kids registration opens today!