A message from Mike D.

Just wanted to share a message I received yesterday from Mike D. (one of our college FitCamper VIP’s!  Who will be back in class during winter break).  Welcome back Mike!
“Hey there strangers!
So, it’s almost Thanksgiving time and every year my family asks me what it is I’m thankful for.  Instead of sitting there thinking about it at the dinner table, I figured I’d get a head start.  Then I realized, what I’m thankful for the most is everything I experienced this summer.  What kid do you know gets to work out with top notch trainers all summer, and some pretty awesome people too?!  So this thanksgiving, thanks goes out to all the FitCampers! You guys are awesome people =)  I cannot wait to see you great people and have an intense (and most likely painful) 6 weeks of prime studio time!  
P.s. I have kept up with my workouts for the most part following you guys online and some workouts of my own too!
And always remember, “What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger.???  Something I say to myself every time before I start Fran…
Have a Happy Thanksgiving FitCampers!!
Mike Duncan  =)

Mike, practiciing his HSPU’s in the dorm!


Happy Thanksgiving
from all of us at the Studio!

– Patrick, Nick, Dawn, Tiffany and Karen