Attention All FitCamp Girls…

Getting your first kipping pull-up is a major milestone essential to achieving better health, fitness and increased performance as a FitCamp member. If you are struggling with breaking away from those bands, cringe when you see pull-ups on the board and want to take your results to the next level then now you can learn the tips, tricks, skills and drills to…

Mastering the Kipping Pull-up

A 90-Minute Hands-on Training Clinic for Female Athletes

Learn the proper technique to the kipping pull-up Define your sticking point and breakthrough to the next level Set achievable goals to get your first true kipping pull-up Learn the tips for proper hand care to prevent ripping Achieve better results from your workouts!!

WHEN: Saturday, July 10th, 2010 starting promptly at 9:00am and ending at 10:30am

WHERE: The Ultimate FitCamp Training Studio

WHO: Tiffany Thibodeau, CPT

COST: $20 (active FitCamp members only)

Space is Limited to 10 Members!

Pre-requisites: minimum of 5 pull-ups with 1 band