NMC Burbank 5 Miler

On Tuesday night a group of FitCampers met Nick and I for a different kind of workout, a 5 mile off-road trail run put on by the North Medford Running Club.  We had a great group of 12 of us run the race and a few had never run off-road or that distance in their life.  Congratulations to all those who made it, took on the challenge and crossed the finish line.   After the race was over it was high-fives all around and an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and success for all.

NM Burbank 5 Miler post-race group photo (from left to right, Patrick, Gregg, Corinne, Nick, Megan, Kyle, Gail, Tina, Tiffany, Kathy, Angela, Kris. Not present for picture, Ally)

For more info on upcoming NMC races check out their website at https://www.northmedfordclub.org/.
Thinking of joining us for an upcoming race?  Our next planned race is the MetroDash on Saturday, August 7th.  Nick has put a team together and we already have 13 people signed up.  The race is limited to 200 registrants so if you want to be a part of this incredible event with us then don’t lose your spot and register today