Daily Dose: Friday, 1/29/10

Hey there fellow FitCampers!  It’s thursday evening at 6pm and I’ve gotta make this quick b/c I have a little 2 year old princess waiting for me to walk through the door any minute now.  As rushed as I am to leave the studio I didn’t want to leave you hanging and forget about your Friday morning daily dose of FitCamp.  So here is it short and sweet…
Today’s FitCamp:  TABATA (“The Mystical Japanese Warrior”) 
P.S.  If you haven’t heard about the FitCamp 4 Kids Program starting up Feb 22nd make sure to check it out.  We’ve already had a lot of interest and a few sign-ups.  Space is limited to 12 kids per class so act fast if you want a spot!  Check out the FitCamp for Kids Flyer!
P.S.S.  Lee Ann, I loved your name for the new FitCamp Mascot, Wilson.  Any more names out there?  Post yours using the comments link above.
P.S.S.S.  Ok, that’s really all I can squeeze into this post.  Going home to do puzzles and play with Mrs. Potato Head, Thomas, Percy, Henry and Cranky the Crane.