Daily Dose: Moment of Choice

If you are like most sports enthusiasts in America then chances are you didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night staying up late to watch the Saints and Colts battle it out in the Superbowl.  If that’s you then you probably also made a few unhealthy food choices and maybe even had a few alcoholic beverages while munching on some chips and dip.  AND, right about now you probably feel like the stuff you scrape off your shoe when you step in it.  So let me ask you this.  What’s your plan to getting back to feeling energized, healthy and on track with your Spring time health and fitness goals?
Do you skip the workout today and live to fight another day OR do you suck it up, get out of bed, lace up your sneaks and do what you know you need to do and get to FitCamp.   This is what I call your “Moment of Choice”.   The moment right before you decide to do something (or not to do something).   The moment you ask yourself the important questions that will either make or break your success… everytime.  This moment is what separates those who are successful with weight loss, eating healthy and living fit and those who continue to struggle day after day.  The choice is all yours but I do know one thing that will help you.  As a human you are gifted with something special called “free will”.  What that means is that you can decide to do anything you want at anytime.  Right now you have a choice.  What will you decide?

Peter D. master the KB clean & press

Today’s FitCamp!
“Cindy” – Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
(If you are doing this at home and do not have a pull-up bar then substitute DB rows 10 per arm or Band Rows instead).
Weekly PR’s:  Congratulations to everyone at the studio who had a new PR (personal record) last week.
– Jared:  500m Row 1:26.4
– Jayne:  OHS 85 x 3
– Tiff:  First HSPU
– Kathy H:  “Jackie” 11:13
– Tristan:  OHS 175 lbs.
– Betty R:  2,000m Row 9:36
– Kris G:  2,000m Row 9:13
– Brian G:  2,000m Row 7:41
– Nick:  OHS 185 lbs.
– Stacey S:  500m Row 154.4 (watch out K-Ander!)
– Cathy J:  500m Row 1:58
– Chris N:  500m Row 139.7
– Patrick:  5,000 Row 18:59.4
FitCamp News!
Our new FitCamp for Kids program starts on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 participants and one class already has 6 signed up.  Get all the details and more by taking a look at the FitCamp for Kids Program Flyer.
Challenge Update:  We had our final weigh-ins for the 28 Day challenge on Saturday.  Nick and I will be going over the numbers early this week and we will announce the winner on Wednesday.  Stay tuned, the results we’ve seen so far are going to blow you away!