Daily Dose: January 19, 2010

(This is me all inspired and loving what I do)…  Since starting FitCamp many years back I had always dreamt of building a business that represented more than just another hole in the wall gym or over-crowded fitness center.  I wanted to create an exclusive, member-focused fitness studio where people felt like they belonged to something more.  Where they could not only go and get an incredible workout but also learn how to build a strong, fit and healthy body through proper diet and exercise.  A place where people could go to learn how to create lasting change in their lives and feel better about themselves by learning how to eat right and practice healthy nutritional habits.  A place where members would inspire, motivate and support the person next to them.  Where members would say things like “FitCamp changed everything for me” or “I never imagined I would look this good”.  A place where people would learn to change their lives from the inside out by learning how to live an active, healthy and fit “FitCamp” lifestyle.  As I reflect back over the past 3 months since opening the new studio I have come to realize something.  I realized that FitCamp is “that place” and it’s all thanks to you!
And now onto the next evolution of FitCamp… “The FitCamp Daily Dose”
I am excited to bring to you a new addition to the FitCamp website (which I have been slacking on BIG time since opening the new place but am now resurecting).  We are calling it the “FitCamp Daily Dose” (although it may be a 2-3x weekly dose sometimes :)).  What this will be is a daily post to the FitCamp main site page informing, educating, inspiring and motivating you each and every day M-F.  Here’s a quick list of what you will find in each post…

  • “Today’s Workout”:  This could backfire HUGE if you don’t like workouts like “Fran” or “Tabata” but we hope that you will come to class and face the tough workouts just like you do any other.  Each day you can check the site to see what workout you’re in for.
  • “Nutri-Tips”:  Nutrition is obviously a big part to anyone’s success in health, fitness,
    weight loss…  You hear about it in FitCamp but what happens outside of the 1 hour a day you spend with us can make or break your success.  Now you can read bite-sized tips each day that will help you burn more fat and fuel your body properly for feeling and looking your best.
  • “Motivation Station”:  Years back when FitCamp used to be ten 1 minute stations we had an 11th station called “The Motivation Station”.  Members would bring in inspiring pics, motivational images and quotes and we hung them on a wall where everyone could see during the workout.  That’s exactly what this section will be except you will be sitting at your computer instead of holding a static wall squat.
  • Reminders/Updates:  Over the next few weeks and months we will be making some HUGE changes in FitCamp classes and at the studio.  Each day you can stay up to date on what we are doing and how it will enhance your experience with us.  (Stay tuned for some awesome announcements coming later this month).

Now what?

STEP 1:  Subscribe to “FitCamp Updates” using the box to your right.

STEP 2:  Confirm your subscription (check your inbox after you submit e-mail in step 1)

STEP 3:  Stay tuned for the first issue of the “FitCamp Daily Dose” coming out in a few days.

That’s all for now!