Daily Dose: Monday 2/22/10

Last Week’s PR’s:  (Great Job Everyone!) 
Max Deadlift – Jason 365, Bob S. 365, Dave D. 345, Kathy H. 145, Corinne 210, Todd 305, cathy J. 225, Dino 275. 
2K Row – Sheri B. 9:26, Jared 6:59, Gary 7:23 
“FRAN” – Tristan 3:23, Lydia 13:39 Rx’d 
HSPU – Angela x 1 
500M Row – Bill A. 1:58, Melissa L. 2:01 
*A special congratulations to Deb A. who started FitCamp a few week’s back wondering if she would make it out of her first week without using the AED.  Friday she was cranking out thrusters, push-ups and full “butt to ball” air squats.  Deb loves FitCamp so much she just upped her membership to spend more time with us each week 🙂   
Keep up the great work Deb! 

"Today was the closest I have ever come to puking since I joined fitcamp 2 and a half years ago. Seriously every time a workout uses the rowing machine, I feel like I am going to upchuck prograde shake, water, and fish oil all over the studio"…great WOD and thanks for finding a great alternative! - Jason "The Metabolic Machine" Rakip

Today’s FitCamp!
“The 2 Minute Drill” – Complete 2 minutes of each of the following exercises in order from 1 to 5 then take a 2 minute rest.  Repeat 3 rounds for a total of 36 minutes.

  1. Wall ball (10 ft. target, 20 lbs/10 lbs)
  2. KB High Swings (20 kg/16kg)
  3. Bicycles
  4. Burpees
  5. 15 yd Sprints