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What happened to Tristan?


What happened to Tristan?

Today there is no FitCamp Daily Dose.  Just a quick snap shot of Tristan post-workout on Thursday.  (At least what’s left of him). 

Also, in case you haven’t heard yet Tristan and I are starting a brand new program called “FitCamp for Kids” beginning next Tuesday the 23rd.  I can’t stress it enough how important it is for kids to learn the importance and value of exercise.  Especially in today’s society where 60% of kids are now obese.  Without drastic changes these kids will grow up suffering from heart disease, diabetes and a lifestyle of poor health and illness.  The younger they learn how to exercise the more likely they will be to continue healthy habits as they become adults.  If you know any kids ages 6-16 who play sports, need to get active or just want to have fun working out then call us today to get them signed up! 


There are still a few spots left! 

FitCamp for Kids Program Flyer!

What happened to Tristan?