EXP Success Journals

New EXP Success Journals are here!

New EXP Success Journals! There is no better way to track your results and success than by journaling. We’ve created a perfect 8-week training tool for tracking everything from your personal bests on lifts and WOD’s to your daily nutrition and body stats. This is a must have tool for serious CrossFitters looking to take their game to the next level. Ask your coach for more details or check out the sample journal at the studio.
What’s inside?
How to use this Journal
What is CrossFit?
What is Fitness?
How to Scale Properly
Movement Standards
Body Measurements Tracking Page
8 Weeks of Daily WOD/Nutrition Tracking
The Girls, Heros and Iconic WOD’s (Over 85 WODs with descriptions and PR tracking sections for each)
Lifting, Gymnastics and Metcon (tracking pages for all the major lifts and moves we do in CrossFit)
What is Paleo
The Paleo Diet Food Matrix
Teh Zone Diet
Zone Food List
Zone Diet Glossary
CrossFit Acronyms and Abbreviations

Cost: $20.00

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