FitCamp Mini-Skirts

Lisa L. joined FitCamp last summer and she is fast approaching her 1 year anniversary with us. The other day she sent me this e-mail and I had to share it with you.

Hey Patrick,
Had to share something with you.
Stopped at Old Navy today, bought 3 mini skirts, but that’s not the cool part. Last summer when I started with you, I had a pair of dress shorts I couldn’t fit into. They were a size 14. Today, the skirts are a size 8! I wanted to say thank you as always and let you know how much I appreciate your belief in me.
Just thought I’d share that with you and tell you how much I love fitcamp!
Yours in health,
Lisa L.

Kileed polar bear 100 today!! wahoo

Thanks for the great e-mail Lisa!  Summer is almost here and because of all our hard work you can now enjoy showing off those new sleek and sexy curves.  Who knew all those double-unders, wall balls and burpees would have paid off so well.  🙂  Keep up the great work Lisa!

Lisa L. – Crushing it!