FitCamp & Miss MA, USA

“I’ve been attending FitCamp for over a year now and I have definitely seen great results. I have never had trainers that gave such a hard workout while making it fun until I started FitCamp. Working towards building and maintaining a healthy, well-toned body requires dedication, a proper workout regime and diet. Here you will find exactly that along with all the support in the world! I would highly recommend this program to everyone, at any fitness level. One of the best things you’ll find at FitCamp is their desire to meet the needs of all their members on a personal level.  FitCamp has helped me reach my physical goals in modeling and pageantry. I want to thank everyone at the studio for helping me reach my goals, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Over the past few months Caitlin has been working her butt off both in and outside the studio.  Her goal… to compete in the upcoming Miss MA, USA pageant.  Caitlin has been modeling for years and her hard work and passion for her career is an inspiration to us all.  Be sure to check out Caitlin’s Modeling page for more info and take a look through her modeling portfolio, (there are some really cool pics of her).  Also, if you’d like to make a donation towards Caitlin’s Miss MA, USA fundraiser she has a facebook account set-up with more info.  Next time you see her in class make sure to wish her the best for her upcoming competition.