FitCamp Pilates Starts this Friday

Starting this Friday we will be offering a new class at the studio, FitCamp Pilates.  Jennifer St. Laurent, a local business owner, Pilates Instructor and long-time FitCamp Member will be leading the class.  Jenn is an amazing instructor and is going to be running this class for 8 weeks to help us with our flexibility, body alignment and core strength. 
Class Details:  (View Class Flyer)
Day/Time:  Fridays at 10:30am
Dates:  Starting July 2nd – August 20th.
Location:  FitCamp Studio
Cost:  Free for all FitCamp members
Instructor:  Jennifer St. Laurent (for more info on Jennifer’s other Pilates classes and Yoga classes visit her site on-line here)
Pre-requisites:  All members must sign-up for class weekly on the FitCamp Whiteboard.