FitCamp Studio Music Contest

I’ll be the first to admit that the music mixes we have been listening to at the studio are getting a little old.  We’ve been searching around for some options and a bunch of great ideas have been circulating the FitCamp back office on getting some new tunes, (Satallite radio, Pandora, Nick & Tiff’s Wedding Mix CD).  All good ideas but we have decided it would be best to get YOUR input and what better way than to have a…


FitCamp MUSIC Contest!

The Details:  All this week you can submit your very own personal music mixes of your most motivating, inspiring, “get-you-through-the-last-set-of-FRAN” workout songs.  The mixes will be played all NEXT week and members can vote after each class by giving a score of 1-10 for that days mix.  The numbers will be totalled and averaged for the day and the person who gets the highest score will be the Music Contest Winner!
The Rules:  Mixes MUST be on CD (no Ipods, Tapes or 8-Tracks :)) and be between 60-90 minutes in duration.  Please keep songs age appropraite and keep profanity and language to a minimum.  Please bring CD in a protective case with your name and Playlist name on it. 
The Prize:  A FREE FitCamp T-Shirt (any style) and a FREE Box of Cravers!
The Catch!  This Contest is for the first 5 People who bring in their CD this week ONLY so if you like Cravers, want a t-shirt and can’t take listening to the current tunes then get on it and get us your favorite mix today!