FitCamp Web Updates

Everyone in BootCamp this morning kicked some serious butt (yes, you too Lori… :)). These two workouts were a blast to teach and everyone did such an amazing job with pushing hard and breaking through to new levels. “Death by Burpees” and “The 20/40 Mile” are two workouts you’ll remember for a while. Thanks for coming if you made it to class this morning!
Jeff crushed the first workout taking the men’s “Death by Burpees” record completing 19 burpees.
Erica took the women’s record finishing 14 burpees making them look easy.  (minus the convulsions, gasping and making funny facial expressions around minute 8).  (on a side note congrats Jared & Erica!  Hope everything went well today.)
Chelsea and Emily were a close match-up on the track completing 1 mile after 15 sprint repeats of 20 sec. each. You girls rock!
Isabella finished her first BootCamp class this morning, (you did awesome and thanks for dropping in this morning Isabella).
Now on to my last piece of business before I get ready for my 4pm FitCamp thrashing. As you may have already noticed the FitCamp website is getting a new facelift. Over the next few weeks we’ll be making a number of new changes. Stay tuned and keep checking back to see what’s new.
Have a great weekend!