MONDAY 8.30.10 – Success Journals

How do you track your success?  The average exerciser measures their fitness success using one of the mostemotionally draining tools on the planet, the scale.  If the number goes down there is a glimmer of hope that what you’re doing is working.  If the number goes up then watch out, self-sabotage is only days away.   
I suggest you not be average.  Be above average.  In fact, be extraordinary and start doing what the most successful athletes and exercisers on the planet do.  Measure your results and success by looking at your performance.  Are you fitter today than you were 1 month ago, 6 months ago, 1 year?  Are you moving better, feeling better, performing better.  Can you squat lower to the ball.  Are pull-ups going from impossible to “this might just work”.  Are your numbers going up?  Max Deadlift, squat, push-ups, cleans, presses?  Have your Fran, Diane and Annie times decreased?   The scale has it’s place but these are the true measurements of performance and of your success.   
Start tracking your success by using a success journal.  Go out and grab a simple 1 subject notebook where you can log in your workouts each day and any new PR’s you set during class or on your own.  You’ll be amazed when you look back after a few months and see how far you’ve come.  


MONDAY: 8.30.10

Front Squat – 3RM x 7 

Lucky’s Revenge
10 Front Squats (135/95)
15 Toes 2 Bar
200m Run                               
7 Rounds for Time

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