Friday – 1.21.11

I have heard great feedback from many members about  their success within the first week of the paleo challenge.   That is great news and I hope others are beginning to feel the benefits of clean eating.  One meal that some seam to be hitting a “writer’s block” on is breakfast.  Below I have 3 recipes that make for great breakfasts, or any meal of the day for that matter.  Continue down the paleo path  and try to think outside the box!  If anyone has found other paleo breakfast ideas that have worked for them please share in the comments, we would love to hear!

Fruit Smoothie

1 Scoop Hemp or Egg protein
1/2 c Almond or Coconut milk
1/2c Water
Handful of frozen fruit such as berries or mangos
Directions: Blend everything in the blender or magic bullet- a super quick and easy breakfast!

Sausage & Apple Flat Cakes

5 turkey or chicken organic sausage patties
2 apples
pinch cinnamon
2 eggs
Directions:  Pulse sausage and apple in a food processor.  Mix 2 eggs and cinnamon in a bowl, add the pulse mixture.  Heat a pan of the stove with a touch of olive oil at the bottom.  scoop about 1/2c of the mixture onto the hot pan.  Cook like pancakes, flipping when the bottom is slightly golden.

“Hash Brown” Patties

1lb Ground turkey/chicken
1-2 sweet potatoes
1 large carrot
1 celery stalk
1 onion
pinch of marjoram
Directions:  Pulse all ingredients in food processor.  Form into patties.  Cook for several minutes on both sides until slightly browned in a hot pan coated with olive oil .
Today’s Workout:
“The Bear”
30 Bears for time
1 “Bear” is a Squat-Clean-Thruster straight into a back squat to a push-press off the back then bring the bar back to the ground without dropping it.  Confused? Yeah, me too.  You’ll just have to come to class and see it done in person to really get a good pic of what “the bear” is all about.
Paleo Challenge: Day 5