Nicks Coaching Corner – 1.20.11

I am sure you’ve heard the news about our competitive training team. If not, this will help!
We are putting together a competitive training team, for those who want to acheive specific goals within the sport of CrossFit and try to excel as much as they can. This team is going to be training together and working on their weaknesses, and trying to push each other as far as possible from now until Spring.
The main purpose is to increase everyone’s fitness and to have focus for the next 3-5 months on a specific goal, that being the Crossfit Games Qualifiers. This sport is defining what fitness is, and they compete to see who is the fittest man/woman on the planet. They have sectional and regional competitions to qualify for their national event held in California in July.
Wanting to gain as much fitness as possible between now and then, our team will be training to strengthen their weaknesses (goats) and getting the most out of there time in class and on weekend workouts.
Saturday Morning classes at 7am are going to be for team training where we work on certain movements, techniques, and intensities to push everyone to get as strong as they can by the spring.  If you see some people doing some different exercises/movements during the workout of the day, don’t sweat it, they just have a certain goal in mind for the day to get them ready for the spring.
If anyone is interested in training with the team, please email me. If you see any of these people in class, make sure to cheer, support, and enocurage them, as they will be doing the same for you during the workouts. As of now, the people who are interested in the Competition Team are:
Nick, Patrick, Tiffany, Jared, Brian, Leo, Jeff, Tim, Nate, Chris N., Ashleigh G., Heather A., Jayne, Lauren R., Lauren C., Ally, Lisa, Jen St L., Erica and Angela P.
If this sport or the idea of competiting is not your cup of tea, I encourage you to still find a goal for the Spring.  Try picking a road race (5k to marathon distance), a triathlon, an adventure race or anything that you have to commit to by signing up for. (Here are a few good places to start:,,, By signing up for an event you are “signing a contract for your fitness” from now until the date of your event. This kind of goal focused training will do wonders to your overall outlook and give purpose to your workouts rather than just focusing on breaking a sweat to burn calories. If you are looking for direction I have been seeking out some spring time races such as a  5 mile race, half marathon, adventure race, or first triathlon…..I will keep you posted!
Set the bar high for this spring!
Coach Nick

Todd, 2007 Summer BootCamp

Today’s WOD: “Dynamo”

25 DL (BW/ 75% BW)
50 Push-ups
25 Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
3 Rounds for Time
Paleo Challenge:  Day 4
Competition Team:  This Saturday we will be having our first team workout starting at 7:00am.  Be sure to get to the studio for a pre-workout meeting at 6:45am to go over training goals and review competition team checklist.