FRIDAY 10.1.10 – What do you fear most?

When I was 10 years old my parents moved our family to the small town of Hubbardston, MA. I had no friends except for a little brown Dachshund named Crystal, our family dog.  At the time I can remember my first day going into a new middle school was only a week away. I remember feeling a pit in my stomach worried to death that no one would like me and the kids would pick on me. The first day came and I remember feeling so sick that I went to the nurses office. The second day was more of the same and so were all the days for the entire week.  I came home from school that Friday at 3:30pm and went straight to my room. My mom came up to my room and sat on the edge of my Star Wars bed where I was hiding my face and tears so she wouldn’t see them. The words she shared at that very moment have stuck with me to this very day. She told me that everyone feels scared at some point in their life and in order to overcome those feelings I was going to have to be brave and face my fears straight on. She said that once I was able to stand tall and face my fears I would see they were really not as bad as they seemed to be, they were just feelings and those feelings can be changed in a heartbeat. On Monday morning I walked into school standing tall and remembering what my mom said. During lunch I saw a boy sitting by himself at the end of a long white cafateria table. I got up from my chair and nervously walked over and sat down on the blue bench seat across from him. I introduced myself and extended my trembling hand. His name was Joel. Moments later a group of 10-12 of Joel’s friends came over and sat down with us asking who I was. Joel quickly introduced me to all his freinds who became my new group of friends for the rest of my school years. What I learned that day was so valuable to every obstacle I have ever faced in my life. What my mom taught me at the young age of 10 was that when you fear something the feeling will not go away until you face them and ultimately realize that the thing you feared most was really never that scary, it was just a feeling and feelings can change in a heartbeat.  Thanks mom!

"Honey, did you see who was driving that truck that just ran me over?"

FRIDAY: 10/1/10

Front Squat
FRAN”  – Face your fears!
Thrusters (95/65/45)
Pull-ups (Kip/Band/Jump)
Double Unders
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