Friday 10.17.14

New Training Phase Starting Monday!

We are very excited to introduce our new 6 week training phase beginning next Monday!  We will be maintaining our current class structure and adding in some fun new styles of Strength and Metcons!  The beginning of next week will be testing so do your best to make it to all classes.  We highly encourage that if you are not already tracking your workouts, to start now!  Tracking your workouts is the only tangible way to see measurable progress in your training, so grab an EXP journal, notebook or find a cool app for your phone and write down your WODs each day! We also encourage you to POST in the comments section of this page each and every day.  Not only will it double as a great tracking system for you, it will also encourage your fellow EXP friends in their own workouts.  Who's excited for our new Training Phase!?!

Testing begins next week!

  • Olympic Lifting Total
  • Strict Pull Up Test
  • Timed Mile
  • Fight Gone Bad

Mark your calendars—> Upcoming Events:

Saturday Oct 18th: WOD for FA 9:15am @ CrossFit EXP

Sunday Oct 19th: Team Master's Comp 8am @ CF2A

Saturday Oct 25th: Barbells for Boobs 9:00am @ CrossFit EXP

Friday Oct 31st: Halloween Costume Party 6:30pm @ CrossFit EXP



Pistol Practice 5/ side x 5 sets

WOD: [ Wild Buffalo ]

400m run
10 F Squats
x 3 rds
(12 min cap)

Team Training:

Wt Pistol 5rm/ side. WOD @ 185/135.

Post scores in comments below.