Friday 10.18.13

Mobility Class Saturday 10/19/13 10:30-11:00am!

Jennifer St. Laurent will be leading us through a 30 minute mobility class.  Jennifer is the owner of the Dolphin Studio in Leominster where she runs Pilates, Yoga and TRX Classes.  Her knowledge in "lengthening and strengthening" is a great compliment to our CrossFit classes.  Stay after the 9:15 class for a cool down, or warm up for the Team Training starting at 11:00am.  We hope to see you there, spread the word!

What about joint mobility?

Too many people discount, or even outright ignore, this crucial aspect of physical fitness. Raw strength, speed, and stamina are all important, especially to athletes or weekend warriors, but everyone of any age or fitness level needs the ability to move their limbs and joints through their full range of motion as ordained by nature. That goes for grandmothers, teens, and couch potatoes alike. Though not everyone will be picking up barbells or running sprints or long jumping, we all have to function in a three-dimensional world. We all have space and gravity with which to contend if we’re planning on enjoying and experiencing all life offers, and that’s accomplished by moving through spatiality and against gravity. To thrive in this environment, we require the full, unfettered use of our limbs, joints, and muscles.  Read more:

Good luck to coach Stacey as she walks the Avon walk for Breast Cancer in New York today and tomorrow!


Strength: DL Super Set with Bench (20 min)

WOD: [ YAY Burpees! ]


12 Burpees

with remaining time, Max DUs

Score= total DUs at end of 10 min

Buy-Out:  Hip Bridges 3 x10

Team Training:  Follow Class.  Team Training Saturday at 11:00am, come to mobility session at 10:30am as a warm-up!

Post scores and comments below.