Friday 12.6.13

Reminder: Decem-Burpee Toys are due by Sunday December 8th!  Please drop them off in the bins in the lobby.

Steve H has some ups!

Kipping Toes-To-Bar:



Strength: Power Clean (Practice TTB/K2E efficient Kip between sets)

WOD: [ OPENS 11.5 ]
20 min AMRAP

5 Power cleans (145lbs / 100)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20# to 10' target/ 10# to 9')

Buy-Out:  Plank Crankers x 3 Rds
60 Sec Hover
30 Sec Side Plank L+R
60 Sec Superman

Team Training: Max set Ring Muscle-Ups between strength sets.

Post scores and comments below.

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