Friday 2.11.11 – Montana

I frequently hear members saying “I wish I found FitCamp/CrossFit when I was younger”.  The young man in this photo must have overheard that statement and he took action immediately.  After doing a few months of personal training with Nick, Montana was more than ready to take FitCamp by storm. He came into class with the right mindset, training and skills to continue building up his strength and fitness for the long term. In just a short time he is already doing full body weight push-ups, kipping pull-ups and is consistently building a strong foundation that will last him a lifetime.  Most importantly he is doing the one thing that so many adults skip out on because of the “business of life”, Montana shows up.

Montana, our youngest FitCamper at age 13 is consistently improving his game

Today’s Workout:  Friday 2.11.11
Skill/Strength:  Snatch Squat (15 minutes)
Go for 1RM or practice skill of movement with PVC/light bar.
Workout 1: “Devil’s Bite”
10 Snatch Grip Deadlift
8 Power Snatch
6 Snatch Squat
5 Rounds for time
Workout 2:  Partnered Sprints
30 seconds ON/30 seconds OFF x 10
Paleo Challenge:  Day 26