Friday 8.1.14

Pick up your O3, D3 & M3 at CrossFit EXP!

What do O3, D3, and M3 all have in common? They aid in your body’s recovery! After everything you put your body through in the gym, and just in life in general, our bodies deserve to be well taken care of. Adequate sleep, proper eating, and hydration are all key components, but there are several supplements that help your body recover more quickly and keep you feeling fresh and energized!

Fish Oil (O3) provides your body with the fatty acids it needs. Fish oil reduces inflammation and helps to maintain heart health. So, if you are sore after your workouts, because muscles become inflamed during exercise, taking fish oil increases oxygen flow in the blood, helping your muscles recover. Fish oil also provides your brain and eyes with supplemental doses of fish derived fatty acids, EPA and DHA, that they need to function properly.

Our second vitamin that aids in your body’s recovery is Vitamin D (D3). We all know that sunlight (natural source of Vitamin D) can brighten your mood, but if you spend a lot of time inside, it’s important to give your body the Vitamin D it needs. It increases bone strength, reducing your risk for osteoporosis by stimulating the body’s absorption of calcium, and boosts your immune system. With the prevalence of germs everywhere you go, immune systems can use some extra support! Also, if taken before bed, it aids in the body’s release of melatonin, helping you sleep better.

M3 Mineral supplements contain Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Zinc. These minerals help the body relax and recover efficiently. If you frequently feel tired during the day, or fatigued when working out, you may benefit from adding these minerals to your daily routine. Magnesium serves as a calming mechanism, and helps you fall asleep faster and feel more rested.

Written by Heather Hippensteel




WOD: [ “MOD” NER 13.5 ]

Box Jump

Team Training:

Wod @ 275/185
5 x 15 reverse hyper extensions post wod

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