Saturday 8.2.14

Congratulations to EXP Kids Coach Stacey & Harlan as they tie the knot today!  We love you guys and wish you a life time of happiness! xoxo

Today's workout honors Pat Padgett, 31-a fellow athlete from CF Southie has been recently diagnosed with a progressive cancerous growth formed in the back of his mouth and lymph nodes. He has undergone surgery to remove the cancer and has lost 70 percent of his tongue. Doctors took a sizeable chunk of his left forearm to help rebuild the part of his tongue and mouth where the cancer was removed. In all, 37 lymph nodes were taken out. A skin graph was done on his upper left thigh to help rebuild the scarring on his arm. There’s still a long way to go. Padgett starts an extensive round of chemotherapy in the next few weeks, where he will have radiation five times a week. He’s been told that more surgery could follow.

To learn more about his story and to support Pat Padgett on his road to recovery, visit



WOD: [ PR for PAT ]

20 min AMRAP:

6 Power Cleans
12 Burpees
14 TTB
3 Wall Climbs

Team Training:

WOD @ 185/135, sub wall climbs out for 50' HS Walk (Outside)

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