Friday 8.19.11

Chris B. getting ready for Patriots football!


EXP Strength:
Deadlift/HSPU 5 x 3RM

EXP Workout:
WOD: “2 min Test”

Box Jumps (24/20″) – 2 min AMRAP
Ab Mat Sit-up – 2 min AMRAP
KB Swing (70/53lb) – 2 min AMRAP
Burpee – 2 min AMRAP
SDLHP (70/53lb) – 2 min AMRAP
Score = total reps for all 5 exercises. Also note total reps for each 2min AMRAP.
Buy Out: 4x1min Max Distance Row

Score = total distance of 4 max efforts, also note distance for each effort and rest period in between.
Post scores and comments below. If you are logging your CrossFit EXP WOD’s using Facebook app below and want to see how you did last time we did this WOD then use the search tool on the bottom left hand column. Search for “WOD Name” and you will pull up all previous records for this WOD.