Monday 11.3.14

This week starts our ROW-VEMBER!!!

Just like last year, our goal throughout the month of November is to have as many members row 100,000m by the end of the month as possible. That is under 3,500m/ day, and we had a very large group of people complete the challenge last year!
On the last Saturday of the Month (Nov. 29th) , we will be putting on a Row-A-Thon and raise money for a Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz. We will row a half marathon (21,097m) either as an individual or as a team.
This is going to be an optional challenge, but we encourage everyone to participate.
There will be a grid next to your testing board, and we will encourage you to put your name up, and keep track of your daily/ weekly meters.
Some general ground rules:

  • Rowing must take place outside of class time (unless rowing is included in the workout of the day, then you can add that distance to your total).
  • Please check with a coach if you show up early or stay after to row, sometimes logistics and spacing at the studio can be tight, so please be aware and ask where you can set the rowers up before you row for the day.

Also as a side note, Coach Nick wants to get a group of people together on March 1st at the Agganis Arena and go down to the CRASH B indoor rowing competition, in which we will see how our 2,000m row times stack up against the rest of the world! It would be a fun event to follow up RowVember. Feel free to message Nick if you are interested!

baby n

Baby N working on Hollow Rocks
A) 4X3@80% (of 3rm) Touch & Go Snatches (full) – rest 90 sec
B) 4X60 second ME Strict TTB – rest 90 sec
WOD: [ 10×10 ]
10 min AMRAP of:
KB Snatches
L3-35/18, C&J
TT-53/35, Alternate every 20 reps, immediately followed by 10 min max calorie row
Post scores in comments below.

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