MONDAY 11.8.10 – They did it!

A HUGE congratulations to Jayne, Carlo, Jared, Nick, Tiffany AND Tristan! for competing in Saturday’s Beast of the East competition down at CFNE in Natick.  This day marked the first ever external competition for our studio and all 6 of our athletes did incredibly well against a stacked field of 150+ competitors from all over the North East.  Thank you to all the FitCamp members, friends and family who came down to watch the events, cheer on our competitors and share in the experience.  A special thanks to Ben and Heather (owners of CFNE), all CFNE members, competitors and volunteers, without your passion, time and support none of us would have been able to enjoy such an amazing day.

Tiffany - an incredible 7th place women's overall finish in her first ever competition!

Jayne - Staring at the face of fear....and smiling!

Jared - Conquering the first workout of the day..."DT"

Nick - A dominating performance with a 6th place finish of workout #3
Carlo - Locking out a 155# Push-press on "DT"

Tristan - Don't let the boyish looks fool you, this kids a BEAST!

MONDAY – 11.8.10
Max Pull-ups on 3m x 3 (score highest reps and cummulative reps after 3 max pull-up attempts).
Push Press (115/95/65)
Front Squat
200m Run
*Post scores and times to comments.

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