FRIDAY 11.5.10

You may have heard the world “Paleo” buzzing around the studio lately and wondered what the heck is everyone talking about.  Is this just another fad diet or the latest craze for rapid weight loss and shredded abs.  Or is Paleo nutrition actually the real deal.  Is simplifying the way we eat and getting back to the basics the solution to our societies obesity epidemic and increasing health issues.  Will eating Paleo be the answer for you to finally get a handle on your diet, end cravings, improve energy and health and start seeing the physical results so many people are experiencing from this way of eating.  Over the next few weeks we will be answering these questions and more during two “Paleo Nutrition 101” seminars hosted at the studio.  These seminars will be free to all members (past and present) as well as all friends, family and anyone else who wants to learn more about how to get started with eating Paleo.  Stay tuned for more info….
If you have already jumped on the Paleo bandwagon then please take a minute to post a comment and share your experiences, tips, suggestions, thoughts and feelings on the topic of Paleo eating.

FRIDAY 11.5.10

 60/60 – HSPU Practice/Hollow Rock Hold by 5 sets

Running Away With Tabata
Run 1 mile (5 laps)
Tabata Push-ups (8 Sets)
Run 800m (2.5 laps)
Tabata Sit-ups (8 sets)
Run 400m
Tabata Pull-ups (8 sets)

*Workout is done continuously with running clock along with tabata timer.

Beast of the East Competitors!

Best of luck to Jayne, Jared, Tristan, Nick, Tiffany and Carlo at this weekend’s Beast of the East competition.  We are already SO very proud of you.  Now go CRUSH IT!!