Monday 2.13.17

Snow Update!
??????No 5:15 or 6:30am classes!
??????8AM & 9:15AM classes are ON!!
Along with the rest of our normal schedule today!
Drive safe everyone!
STRENGTH: B speed Squat across
-focus on “up” portion of the lift being as fast as possible, all 3 reps should take under 10 seconds (75-80% of 2rm)

WOD: [ Go HAM ]
 In 1 min complete-
15 WBs, with remaining time-
ME burpees

-Rest 1min
x6 rds
Score is total burpees through all 6 Rds
L1-20/14 to 10′
L2/M-20/10 to 9′
L3-14/10 to 9′

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